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Business Plan

Vision and Policies of the 11th Business Plan “NIPPON KINZOKU 2030”

There are no changes to the vision and policies of the 11th Business Plan “NIPPON KINZOKU 2030” announced on March 25, 2020. But, the business environment is expected to change rapidly due to changes in lifestyle due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection and the spread of next-generation technologies such as digital technology and the electrification of automobiles. To respond from a longer-term perspective in response to changes in the environment, we formulated a business plan that aims for our future vision.

In line with our future vision, regarding the recovery response from the fire accident at Itabashi plant in November 2019, we have strengthened our own production system due to disposal of the 4-feet mass production rolling mill that was damaged by the disaster and installation of a new high-performance all-purpose 2-feet rolling mill with low environmental impact. We work to prevent recurrence of accidents and restore trust and also continue to shift to a business structure centered on new technologies and products.

In addition, towards 2030, the 100th anniversary of our founding, we have mastered our rolling and processing technologies, which are the origins of our company, and we will develop and commercialize products that achieve overwhelming differentiation. And we aim for further growth by deepening relationships with all of our customers, business partners, and our group companies.


“Multi & Hybrid Material Company that creates new eco and human friendly values together”

●Basic Policies

  1. Deepening relationships
  2. Strengthening manufacturing abilities
  3. Commercializing the next generation products
  4. Product development that looks to the future through our unique technology
  5. Creating a vibrant work environment and reinforce human capital
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