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SAFETY DATA SHEET(SDS): Stainless Steel/Heat-resistant Steel/English ed.


The corporate introduction videos (English) have been released.

NIPPON KINZOKU Electrical Steel Foils “ST Series<ST080HP>”
Adopted for ”Compact and High Efficiency Motors
with the World’s Best class High Power Density” by JAXA et al.!

Videos introduction to the company



NIPPON KINZOKU offers high quality products in Japan and abroad.

Under its philosophy “Do not go out on paths where elephants walk (Do not focus on the sales volume only)” ,
NIPPON KINZOKU meets a wide variety of customers’ needs through its complete built-to-order system mainly in rolling and processing businesses on the basis of carefully providing each product to customers without pursuing the sales volume.

This is the style created through our relentless efforts to meet customers ’ requests in a way where they are pleasantly surprised.
At the same time, we continue to develop products that drive customers’ creativities
with its unique and forward-looking technological innovations.

Moving forward, NIPPON KINZOKU will provide compelling and attractive products to the world by utilizing its high level of technical strength.


NIPPON KINZOKU offers high quality products
to a variety of industries in Japan and abroad.

  • Steel foil

    Our technology development division, sales division and factories work seamlessly together to meet customers ‘ requests.

    • Cold rolled stainless steel strip
    • Cold rolled special steel strip
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  • Processed product

    Our products have been used in a range of areas from the precision field to the construction industry.

    • Precision Profile Rolled Steel (twin gauge plate)
    • Precision Pipe (Fine Pipe)
    • Stainless Steel Sections/Roll forming
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  • Electrical steel foil

    NIPPON KINZOKU is the only company that manufactures and sells Electrical steel foils with the thickness less than 0.1mm in japan.

    • Grain oriented Electrical steel foil
    • Non grain oriented Electrical steel foil
    • Wound iron core/Reactor, etc.
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  • Magnesium alloy

    We offer light magnesium alloy rolled materials with beautiful appearance.

    • Magnesium alloy foil
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