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Precise Processed Products


Meeting customer needs from the precision field to the architectural field

Carefully selected materials under consistent management.
Processing technology with originality unrivalled by any other.
Unique automatic inspection system designed in-house.
Environmentally friendly products that can reduce waste such as machining chips.
NIPPON KINZOKU’s processed products are based on these four concepts and we continue to provide products that customers can use with peace of mind.

Product categories

Precision profile rolled steel
(Differential thickness steel plate)

We can supply a wide variety of cross-sectional shapes at high quality and low cost, with our profile rolling technology accumulated over many years and the introduction of the latest profile processing equipment and inspection devices.
Replacing conventional ‘grinding and cutting’ with our precision profiled steel can lead to unprecedented and dramatic cost reductions.

Precise Tubes(Fine Pipe)

Precise Tube (Fine Pipe)

We have developed the welded and drawn pipe "FINE PIPE", which is superior to the "seamless pipe", using carefully selected materials and original processing technology that only a materials manufacturer can achieve.
We provide high-quality, low-cost products by using proprietary processing (welding, drawing, annealing) developed in-house and the latest specialized equipment.

Precise Tubes (Fine Pipe)

Mould steel and Roll forming products

Stainless steel profile and roll-formed products have excellent appearance and corrosion resistance, and are easy to maintain, suitable for use in building components and various types of equipment and devices.
We also have an integrated production process, from roll design to materials and processing, so we can meet customer requirements for the shape required, based on our stable quality, original processing technology, extensive experience and track record.

Steel Shapes and Roll Formed Steel Shapes

Features of NIPPON KINZOKU’s processed products

Carefully selected materials according to product specifications

Precise slitting
Precision slitting

Materials are selected through close technical cooperation with blast furnace manufacturers, examining the operating environment and characteristics of each product.
Furthermore, we can provide optimum, high-standard products by using materials finished with precision processing technology at the Itabashi plant.

Achieving both high quality and low cost

Precise roll forming
Roll forming products

We have made it possible to supply high quality, low-cost processed products through continuous processing technology using original processing technology with original designed, specialized facilities.
We can also contribute to cost reductions for our customers by handling long coil products and various types of secondary processing.

Pursuit of zero defects

Inspection equipment for outer surface of pipes
External surface inspection equipment for pipes

Depending on the product specifications, quality assurance is undertaken using a proprietary inspection system, shifting away from sensory inspections.
We supply products that can be used with confidence in any field of application.

Completely clean and eco-friendly products

Environmental friendly pipe cleaning system
Environmental friendly pipe cleaning system

We are actively working to promote recycling and energy saving through the installation of environmentally friendly equipment.
We can also contribute to improvement activities at the customer through the supply of the preferred product form.

Cooperation with overseas bases

Conected with our overseas bases

We support our customers in their overseas expansion and provide a variety of technical support in collaboration with our factory in Thailand.

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