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Magnesium Alloy Strips

Magnesium Alloy

"Light and strong" magnesium alloy strip

Magnesium alloys are the lightest of all practical metals and are also the stronger as metals.
Magnesium alloys are used in a variety of products such as computers, smartphones and medical devices, with their unique properties.
Nippon Kinzoku is the world’s first pioneer in the production of rolled magnesium alloy materials with high strength and excellent warm formability.
Through our self-developed rolling mills and original processing technology, we supply magnesium alloys with excellent mechanical properties, good processability and high surface quality.

Features of NIPPON KINZOKU’s magnesium alloy products

High strength and Excellent surface quality

High quality surface

We supply rolled magnesium alloys with high strength and high quality through our advanced rolling technology.

Thickness control

Thickness control

We supply materials with high thickness accuracy in a wide range of thicknesses from 0.045 mm to 2.0 mm, with our self-developed rolling mills and original rolling technology.

Excelent processability

high processability

We control the metallurgical structure and grain size with our original rolling control system and supply materials with high processability.

Full support for commercialisation

Full commercialization support

Nippon Kinzoku not only supplies materials, but also provides full support for customers’ commercialisation, through its plastic working (e.g. press processing) and surface treatment networks.

Material properties of magnesium alloys

The lightest of all practical metals.
(Specific gravity: 2/3 of aluminum 1/4.5 of iron)
Specific strength and Specific stiffness
The metal with the highest specific strength and specific stiffness.
Heat dissipation property
Excellent heat dissipation
Electromagnetic shielding properties
Excellent insulation of electromagnetic waves, preventing electronic equipment from malfunctioning.
Vibration absorption
It has superior vibration absorption properties compared to aluminium and stainless steel.


Comparison of specific gravity

Magnesium alloys are lightest of all practical metals.
(Specific gravity: 2/3 of aluminum 1/4.5 of iron)

Specific strength and Specific stiffness

Comparison of deflections in equal-weight components

Magnesium alloys, which have superior specific stiffness in comparison with other materials of the same weight, have low deflection and are used as lightweight components in structures.

Thermal properties

High Thermal Responsiveness

When magnesium, aluminium and stainless steel plates of the same size are heated, magnesium rises in temperature in the shortest time. With this characteristic, it is used in heat treatment transport jigs, such as reflow pallets.

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