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Steel Strip Products

Cold rolled stainless steel strip

Thinner, Stronger, more Functional

NIPPON KINZOKU’s stainless stee products are 100% made-to-oder.
NIPPON KINZOKU possesses uniquely designed facilities with over 80 years of accumulated cold-rolling know-how, and our industry-leading proprietary technologies developed from these facilities meet all the needs of our customers.

Features of NIPPON KINZOKU steel strip products

Even higher accuracy

Inside image of the cold rolling mill
Inside the cold rolling mill

High thickness accuracy, high flatness, even thinner foil materials, high-strength materials that are not warped after processing – all products are manufactured to the specifications of each customer based on NIPPON KINZOKU’s state-of-the-art facilities and skilled, proprietary technology.

Even more beautiful surface finish

The work roll of cold rolling
Work rolls for rolling

The noble lustre characteristic of stainless steel is achieved only by cold rolling. NIPPON KINZOKU’s cold-rolling technology is constantly evolving to achieve the optimum surface finish for diversified designs.

Quality assurance system providing peace of mind

Automatic surface inspection machine
Automatic surface inspection machine

We have inspection systems optimised for each of our customers’ products and processing methods.
We also have an automatic surface inspection line to detect minute flaws and provide products that can be used with peace of mind.

Even higher accuracy

SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope)
SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope)

We have a technical research institute, which create new product and technology developments, with the benefits to our customers as our first priority.
We also have a support system in place to resolve customer problems as soon as possible.

Classification of Products

Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Strip

Thinner, stronger, more functional and more beautiful

NIPPON KINZOKU’s cold-rolled stainless steel strips are produced 100% on a make-to-order basis.
We select the raw materials (hot coils) with the optimum composition for the customer’s application, processing method and quality requirements.
We use exclusive products, even down to the sub-materials used in rolling (rolling oil, interleaving paper, etc.), and provide our customers with thoroughly controlled, high-quality products.

Cold rolled stainless steel strip

Cold rolled special steel products

Started in 1930.
The oldest specialized manufacturer in Japan

NIPPON KINZOKU started producing cold-rolled special steel strip in 1930. It has the oldest history in Japan.
Since then, as a specialist manufacturer of integrated cold-rolling, We have been tirelessly researching and refining its technology and has earned a reputation for quality.In sales, we export domestically as well as widely worldwide.
We offer high quality products with a commitment to meet any specification and quantity in any sector.

Special steel and Heat treatment steel strip

Manufacturing base

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