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Processed Products

NIPPON KINZOKU's precision processed products meet customer needs from the precision field to the architectural field

Products Line up

FINE PEEK-ST Column (PEEK resin/stainless steel)

Analysis / Measurement

Composite tubes for HPLC/UHPLC high-precision column tubes


Precision tubes (specially processed and difficult-to-process materials)

Automotive IndustryAerospaceMedical CareEnergyIndustrial equipment/others

Various secondary processing (welding, notching, machining, bending, etc.)


Precision tubes (high precision and high quality)

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliancesAnalysis / MeasurementIndustrial equipment/others

Optimum quality suitable for the application and environment


Precision tubes (productivity and cost improvement)

Automotive IndustryIndustrial equipment/others

Cost reduction by replacing seamless pipes


Precision tubes (lightweight and high-strength)

Automotive IndustryAnalysis / MeasurementMedical Care

Proposals for weight reduction and higher strength with fine pipes


Precision profile rolled steel (high precision and high quality)

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliancesAnalysis / Measurement

Specially designed cold profiled rolling mill enables high-precision forming


Precision profile rolled steel (productivity and cost improvement)

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliancesIndustrial equipment/others

Omission of machining process, reduced machining volume (reduced processes, no machining chips)


Precision profile rolled steel (lightweight and high strength)

Industrial equipment/others

Work hardening is used to maintain strength and enable weight reduction by thinning the material


All stainless steel slide rail

Industrial equipment/others

In-house production from materials to processing enables high corrosion resistance and durability


Roll forming products

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliancesArchitectureAerospaceIndustrial equipment/others

Long products which cannot be formed by press bending can be formed with high precision


Grating material


Excellent appearance, high design materials and original designs can be accommodated


Moulded steel products


Cold-rolling process enables excellent appearance and a variety of surface finishes

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