LZ91 (Ultra-lightweight)

LZ91 (ultra-lightweight)

Established mass-production technology for LZ91 alloy strip with ultra-light weight and room temperature formability

LZ91 alloy is the world’s lightest practical metal material with a specific gravity of 1.5 achieved by adding Li, and can be press-formed at room temperature.

Application example

  • PC exterior housing


LZ91 alloy has a specific gravity of 1.5 by adding Li, and is about 20% lighter than AZ31B alloy (specific gravity 1.78).
Room temperature formability
Press forming is possible at room temperature.


〔Comparison of weight under constant volume〕

Size: A4 size(thickness0.4mm*width200mm* length300mm) Volume: 24㎤

〔Examples of Erichsen test results(room temperature test thickness of 0.5mm)〕

LZ91 alloy has excellent room temperature formability.

〔Winner of the International Magnesium Society Award of Excellence〕

Commercialization and mass-production technology for the LZ91 magnesium alloy won the Award of Excellence in FY 2013 sponsored by the International Magnesium Association.

2013年度Award of Excellence(優秀賞)

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