Ultra-thin non-grain oriented electrical steel strip: STseries

Ultra-thin non-grain oriented electrical steel strip: STseries

Suitable for high efficiency motors due to both low core losses and downsizing

Due to its isotropic magnetic properties, it is mainly used as a lamination core in motors. The thin thickness enables extremely low iron loss in the high rotation range and a high magnetic flux density compared to other materials making it possible to achieve both high efficiency and downsizing.

Application example

  • Fan motor

  • Medical equipment

  • Consumer electronics

  • Tool

  • Medical equipment (Dental Drill)


Low core loss
The eddy current can be suppressed by thinning thickness, and the iron loss can be reduced.
Contributes to downsizing of motors, etc. due to its high magnetic flux density.
Optimal usage range
Higher magnetic flux density than other materials at operating frequencies of 400 Hz to 40 kHz, enables downsizing of motors, etc.
Insulation coating
The excellent insulation resistance enables to take full advantage of the material properties. Furthermore, the high heat resistance temperature allows a stable film to be maintained even at high temperatures (up to 850°C).
Raw material
The ultra-thin electrical steel strip is made from Fe-3% Si steel (raw material from NIPPON STEEL) and is a highly reliable electrical steel strip has been used for over 50 years.

Magnetic properties

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