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High strength

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Precision tubes (lightweight and high-strength)

Automotive IndustryAnalysis / MeasurementMedical Care

Proposals for weight reduction and higher strength with fine pipes


Precision profile rolled steel (lightweight and high strength)

Industrial equipment/others

Work hardening is used to maintain strength and enable weight reduction by thinning the material


All stainless steel slide rail

Industrial equipment/others

In-house production from materials to processing enables high corrosion resistance and durability


Grating material


Excellent appearance, high design materials and original designs can be accommodated

AM60 (High strength and High corrosion resistance)

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliancesArchitectureAerospaceMedical CareIndustrial equipment/others

High-strength magnesium alloy with improved corrosion resistance

Cold rolled special steel products

Automotive IndustryIndustrial equipment/others

High carbon steel with High thickness accuracy and beautiful surface


Precision quenched steel strip

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliancesIndustrial equipment/others

High hardness material with high precision material in plate thickness


Heat-treated steel strip

Automotive Industry

No need for heat treatment after processing


NK-41MF (Duplex stainless steel)

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliancesIndustrial equipment/others

Duplex microstructure spring materials with excellent resistance to hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking


NK-301ZF (Original Grade)

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliances

High strength and high durability stainless steel


Stainless foil (thickness < 0.1 mm)

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliancesArchitectureEnergyIndustrial equipment/others

Thickness 20μm、700mm width (max),Available from high gloss to dull finish.

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