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Productivity improvement

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Precision tubes (specially processed and difficult-to-process materials)

Automotive IndustryAerospaceMedical CareEnergyIndustrial equipment/others

Various secondary processing (welding, notching, machining, bending, etc.)


Precision tubes (productivity and cost improvement)

Automotive IndustryIndustrial equipment/others

Cost reduction by replacing seamless pipes


Precision profile rolled steel (productivity and cost improvement)

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliancesIndustrial equipment/others

Omission of machining process, reduced machining volume (reduced processes, no machining chips)


Roll forming products

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliancesArchitectureAerospaceIndustrial equipment/others

Long products which cannot be formed by press bending can be formed with high precision


Moulded steel products


Cold-rolling process enables excellent appearance and a variety of surface finishes

SFA finish
(Super-extra soft) Softened finish

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliances

Improved workability by optimizing rolling and annealing conditions

BA5 finish

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliancesEnergy

NIPPON KINZOKU's standerd surface finish for exterior applications

Fine Black Finish

Automotive Industry

New face of design variation

PF Finish

IT / home appliancesIndustrial equipment/others

Uneven surface like shot-blasted finish


TF Steel strip

Automotive Industry

Heat treated steel strip with excellent workability


PW finish

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliances

Surface like an aluminum

Lubricant-coated stainless steel

IT / home appliances

Lubricant film pre-coating enables press forming without press oil


Automotive IndustryIT / home appliances

Significantly increased mould life


IT / home appliances

Low electrical contact resistance surface treatment

TA, STA Finish

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliancesIndustrial equipment/others

Significantly reduced warpage after etching process


HS Finish, nanoHS finish

Surface roughness at bending corners can be reduced

High thickness accuracy

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliances

Thickness control is possible within 1/3 or less of JIS tolerance


SS Finish

IT / home appliances

Suppresses shape variation after stamping (non-heat-treated material)

HA Finish

Automotive IndustryIT / home appliances

Suppresses shape variation after stamping (Thickness 0.5mm to 1.0mm Heat treatment material)

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